Our return policy allows for item(s) return and your choice of a full refund or replacement item(s). However, we do have a couple simple requirements for processing a return.

You may want to return your order due to any of the following reasons:

Reasons Description
Damaged The product is damaged in delivery
Defective The product does not function as described in its manufacturer specification
Incorrect/wrong item Not the product the customer ordered (e.g. wrong size or wrong color)
Missing items/parts Missing items/parts as indicated in the packaging
Website error The product does not match website specifications, description, or image (this issue is attributable to a website error/misinformation

We know you’re going to love your purchase and use it. However, if you are not completely happy with your purchase, we’ll gladly to assist you to return or refund the purchase within 14 days from the receipt date. 

General requirements and information for returns are as follows

  • The goods must be in original, unused condition with all packaging/tags intact along with all accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity) and free gifts
  • The product must not fall into the non-returnable product list (Click here to see the list)
  • For return of product, the customer is responsible for the cost of the return shipping.  For exchanges, the customer is responsible for the cost of the return shipping, as well as any price difference in the exchanged items and the additional cost of shipping the exchanged item.
  • In case you have opened the seal, please refer for assistance to the relevant service center indicated on your warranty card if there is any or directly contact the merchant (ie. Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances)
  • If you are not satisfy with the delayed delivery, please do not acknowledge acceptance upon delivery by the courier service. The product will be automatically returned to the merchant without any additional shipping cost incurred

If you have fulfilled the above condition for return, please follow the simple steps at follows:-

  1. Lodge the report to our customer service at care@logon.my
  2. Provide your proof of purchase (ie order number, confirmation number, bank account information) to our customer service
  3. Replying the confirmation email to confirm